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Новости компании около Shenli Rigging Was Awarded DCMM Level 2 Certification
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Shenli Rigging Was Awarded DCMM Level 2 Certification

Latest company news about Shenli Rigging Was Awarded DCMM Level 2 Certification


Recently, the China Electronic Information Industry Federation announced the list of the latest batch of units that have obtained the National Data Management Capability Maturity Level Certificate. After the professional assessment by CCID Testing and Certification Center Co., Ltd. and the expert review organized by China Electronic Information Industry Federation, Shenli Rigging was rated as a management-level (second-level) certification unit for the maturity of national data management capabilities, and became the national rigging industry It is the first enterprise to be awarded the second level of data management capability maturity.




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"GB/T 36073-2018 Data Management Capability Maturity Assessment Model" (DCMM for short) is a national standard released in the field of data management in my country, which aims to improve the status of data as a strategic resource, activate the value of data elements, and help enterprises use advanced Data management concepts and methods, and improve the data asset management system.



In recent years, Shandong Shenli Rigging Co., Ltd. has further promoted the construction of digital transformation. In terms of data asset management, the company has always adhered to the "two-handed approach" of data governance and data operation, built a data asset management system framework, promoted the comprehensive and deep integration of business and data, and realized data integration in data strategy, data governance, data architecture, and data applications. "Online management" promotes the transformation of enterprise business and management with data empowerment.